Industrial Closures

High-quality industrial closures are key for protecting the product inside. Designed with reliability in mind, our industrial closures are available in different configurations, suited to maintain the integrity of the various drum contents. Contact us for samples and pricing to learn more about how our closures are the perfect fit for your product.

2-inch NPS

2” NPS Drum Plug

Drum plugs engineered for a perfectly balanced and secure fit. Products feature a tapered lead thread that for easy application. That way, you can be sure  that drums are properly sealed. Container Packaging Systems drum bungs are highly durable and fit standard drum threadings, ideal for repeat use.

  • Prevents leaks and spills from plastic drums
  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
  • 3/4″ knockout center
Two Inch Buttress

2” Buttress Drum Plug

Drum plugs play a crucial role in both the safety and product inventory control aspects of businesses. Our components are designed to drastically reduce risk factors.  These industrial closures offer ease of use and application with standard secure fit and durable construction. Featuring threaded reducers, threaded opening and a knockout diaphragm, providing layers of sealed protection.

  • Prevents leaks and spills from plastic drums
  • ¾” knockout center
  • EPDM gasket for a leakproof seal
  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
Three Quarter Inch NPS Vented

¾” NPS Vented Drum Plug

For proper storage and versatility, vent plugs offer two-way venting to relieve pressure or vacuum, intelligently triggered by changes in pressure. Designed to stand up to elements as a result of weathering and chemical storage, the drum plugs are ideal for a variety of storage needs.

  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
  • Micro-porous vent material
70 mm

70mm 6 TPI

Tamper evident industrial closures were created with peace of mind, in mind. The plastic pail offers a tight seal, easily accessible for dispensing applications and complete with a plastic tamper evident cap and threaded reducer.

  • 70mm 6 threads per-inch
  • 3/4″ threaded opening for dispensing
  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
  • Tamper evident
  • EPDM gasket