Pour with Purpose

Dispensing Spouts

Our innovative easy pour  dispensing spouts were designed with real-world dispensing issues in mind.  We have created solutions that eliminate splashing, glugging, waste and of course, time. Please contact us for samples and pricing. Special packages and terms are available.

dispensing spouts

Vented 38mm Spout – No Glug Dispensing

Designed for flexibility, this unique spout features a vent which eliminates splashes and glugging during filling or refilling, allowing for precise pouring and prevents loss. This spout is perfect for racing fuel and DEF fluid applications.

  • Flexible 14” long spout
  • Fits all standard 38mm neck finishes
  • Chemical tolerance cleaners, antifreeze, muriatic acid, DEF fluid
  • Temperature range up to 140°F.
  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
  • Dispense from racing fuel container
Three Quarter Inch Dispensing Spouts

¾” NPT Spout – dispense from 5 gallon tight head container

Improves pouring accuracy through increased visibility and control. This flexible, yet durable spout can be guided through narrow spaces during fill/refill applications. It also includes a dust cap that prevents spills and contamination.

  • Flexible 14” long spout
  • Temperature range up to 140°F.
  • Polyethylene FDA approved material
  • Built in filter screen